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SunEase ATM

SunEase ATM is a self service multimedia add-on for SunEase 2000. It is ideal for busy tanning salons, profit sharing, and fitness centers.

This add-on for SunEase allows you to setup a self-service station utilizing tanning cards, a touch screen and any FST Timer.

The tanning cards are the size of a standard credit card with a magnetic stripe. These cards are sold to your clients as minutes or sessions, including weekly and monthly packages.

The tanning card is swiped across a magnetic stripe reader, automatically validated by SunEase ATM, then using a touch screen, clients select a bed and/or the minutes to tan.

FST Touch Kiosk

SunEase ATM can be setup using your own hardware or using a kiosk specially designed by FST Company.

The FST Touch Kiosk is a self contained unit that can be mounted on a wall or counter top. It provides a secure environment for self service tanning.


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