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  • Operates unattended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Touch Screen and Magnetic Stripe Reader are only items seen by tanners.
  • Security prevents users from closing program and access to Windows.
  • Detailed reporting available using SunEase reports, Sales History, Client History, etc.


  • 9 rotating 300 x 360 standard image files to display information and advertisements.
  • Bitmap files can be customized for your target clients and current promotions.

Tanning Cards

  • Tanning Cards be sold at front desk using SunEase or sold any other way you can think of.
  • Cards can only be used at assigned location.
  • Cards can be re-used.
  • Supports SunEase ATM Tanning Card format - all other cards are rejected.
  • Tanning Cards can be programmed by FST Company or by using a magetic stripe reader/writer.
  • SunEase ATM tracks all swipes and card status.

Tanning/FST Timer Features

  • SunEase ATM sets up a client in SunEase for each tanning card to track available tans.
  • Supports basic SunEase tanning packages including minutes, sessions, weekly, monthly, yearly etc.
  • Tanning Clients can be frozen to prevent tanning.
  • Checks if clients tanned today.
  • Supports 1 to 64 tanning beds.
  • SunEase ATM constantly updates tanning bed status and minutes remaining from FST Timer.

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