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The Conversion Utility is included FREE with SunEase v5 and SunEase 2000. It is used to convert data from other software vendor's (OSV) tanning applications into the format used by SunEase.

To run this program type CONVERT then press at the \SunEase prompt or select the Conversion icon from Windows.


Some of the available options:

Breeze Advantage v4.1 to convert Clients and Packages.

Computan v2.1, Crown Software to convert Clients, Packages and Employees.

Datatan, Select Computers to convert Clients, A/R Balances, and Packages (except Minutes).

Helios 6.11 to convert clients and packages.

Tass v7.55+ and Tass 96, Select Computers to convert Clients, A/R Balances and Packages.

Additional Information:

Helios 7 or 8 users contact F.S.T. Company for more details. There is a small fee these versions.


There are several additional programs not listed here. Run the Conversion Utiltiy for the full list.

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