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F.S.T. Company offers you several software packages specifically designed to meet the management and productivity requirements professional tanning salons around the world rely on.

Our SunEase™ software has been available for over 10 years. We have always provided TOLL FREE and FEE FREE technical support! Other vendors may give you 30, 60 or 90 days but after that you must pay to talk to them and you must pay for the phone call. Some vendors charge $200 or more a year for the privilage to talk to them and they'll just take it from your checking account -- with FST support is Free!

F.S.T.Company goes a giant step further by letting you use our SunEase 2k software FREE for 1 Year. Other vendors may allow a 30 days demo or a highly restricted demo copy. We let you use our software FREE for 1 year. This is the full version, you can actually put SunEase in your salon and use it in your real life situations. There is no other software vendor in this industry that provides you this level of freedom!

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The Millennium Edition, Tanning Salon Management and Productivity Software for Windows™.
Utility to monitor tanning bed activity and optionally control FST or other remote timers.
Utility to copy clients and other information from some other tanning programs to SunEase.
Manages clients and their tanning packages at multiple tanning salons.
DOS based Tanning Salon Management and Productivity Software.


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