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  General Information
About SunEase 2k
General overview of SunEase 2k
List of minimum computer requirements
and suggested options
Detailed list of features

SunEase ATM
Self Service Add-On for SunEase 2k
Screen Shots
Tanning and POS Screen
Diagram the Tanning and Point-of-Sales window
Data Entry Screens
Clients, Employees and Tanning Beds,
Inventory, Services and Tanning Packages
Support and Documents  
Getting Started Guide
General help topics with step-by-step instructions
How To Guide
Specific help topics with step-by-step instructions
Support Information for SunEase 2k4
Support information for SunEase 2k4 version 2.0 or higher.

Upgrade Information
Information for current users of SunEase v5 or v3
Support Information for SunEase 2000
Support information for SunEase 2000 versions 1.26 or earlier.

Mailing List
Sign up to be notified by e-mail when updated support information or files are available for SunEase 2k

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