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If you are experiencing a problem not listed here or need more help, check the Windows help file included with SunEase 2k (press <F1> or <Shift>+<F1> while the program is running) or contact us directly via e-mail or phone.

So we can help you better, when contacting us please note any messages and any steps to reproduce the problem and the current version of your program (select Help then About). In addition please be at the computer when you call.


Back to Top Installation

1) During installation a message box says it cannot find one or more files.

If SunEase 2k was downloaded from the Internet, the downloaded files must be unzipped using PKZIP v2.50, WinZip or any other unzip utility that supports long file names!

Older unzip utilities will shorten long file names which results in the install program not being able to find them.

2) During installation you are asked to overwrite files.

If you are installing or reinstalling SunEase 2k from the CD-ROM, select SunEase 2k and SunEase Updates (if available) from the product list, during installation choose Yes to overwrite any files.

3) When installing to Windows NT, 2000 or XP you may get the following error message during installation: The application or DLL d:\DISKS\CAIN4SHL.DLL is not a valid Windows image...

This message can be ignored by clicking the OK button.

4) Tmax or Database Timer support will not install from the CD-ROM.

Go to My Computer, select the C: Drive, select the SunEase folder, delete the file BedMonitor.exe, run the setup on the CD-ROM and select the timer support you want.


Back to Top Password is not correct message displayed after selecting an employee from the time clock.

1. SunEase 2k was recently installed - There are no passwords for any employee. Select Owner-> Access the list, click on the password field then click the OK button.

Note: SunEase 2k v1.10+ has been updated so employees with no passwords can just click the OK button.

2. A backup was restored and/or employees displayed in the Time Clock window are not sorted by the last name then the first name - Close any windows opened in SunEase, select Utilities then Index Data Files then Employees then Start. Open the Time Clock and try again.

3. New employees recently entered - Make sure the initials for each employee are unique. Close any windows opened in SunEase, select File then Employees, verify each employees initials are unique.

Back to Top Built in payment types are blank.

SunEase 2k will normally setup several built in payment types including Cash, Check, In-house and Prepaid. If SunEase 2k was recently installed and a DOS version of SunEase v5 or SunEase v3 was already installed or restored. The data files may not have been updated properly.

  • Close SunEase 2k and the Tanning Bed Monitor
  • Reinstall SunEase 2k or Use Windows Explorer or the MS-DOS prompt to copy the file c:\SunEase\Defaults\Upgrade.dat to c:\SunEase
  • Start SunEase 2k
  • Select File then Preferences
  • Select the Payment Types tab
  • The built in types; Cash, Check, In-house and Prepaid should be filled in, enter any others as you need.

Back to Top Open Error is displayed when selecting Import Products.

The master product catalog file named Catalog.dbf should be located in the C:\SunEase\Docs folder. This file was missing with SunEase 2k v1.05. It is included with the latest version of SunEase 2k.

Back to Top Cannot add new clients from the Tanning and Sales window.

This feature was inadvertently disabled in SunEase 2k v1.05. The insert icon on the toolbar or selecting Edit then Insert Record from the menu do not work.

Select the Modify button and use the Insert icon on that window or install the latest version of SunEase 2k.

Back to Top Cash Drawer tries to open after each sale.

This problem occurs with versions 1.06 or earlier even when even when no cash drawer was setup under Preferences.

Pause your printer to temporarily bypass this problem. Select Start then Settings then Printers and Pause the printer selected as your Receipt Printer. Purge any print jobs at the end of the day.

Install the latest version of SunEase 2k.

Back to Top Tanning Bed Monitor/TM

1) Beds connected to tmax timers with a station number 10 or greater do not communicate with the Tanning Bed Monitor/tm

Download the latest version of the Tanning Bed Monitor for tmax.

2) Current tanner's name changes to Unknown Tanner.

This is a known problem with the tmax timers and has been fixed with version version 2.0

Back to Top Problems running DOS versions of SunEase after installing SunEase 2k.

SunEase 2k and SunEase v5 use the same data files so it it possible to run both copies on the same computer. Any changes made to SunEase 2k will show up in SunEase v5 and visa versa.

To accomplish this your copy of SunEase v5 must be version 5.07 (released Feb. 2000) or later. If it is not you will only be able to run SunEase 2k. See SunEase 2k Upgrade Information for more on this topic.

Back to Top Preferences don't always get updated right away after making changes.

Some settings, like those found on the Folders tab page, require you to restart the program for the changes to take effect. Most other settings should take effect when the Preferences window is closed. However this doesn't always happen right away.

To bypass this situation, after making your changes, open then close the Preferences window again or restart the program.

If you are running SunEase 2k on a network you must close the program then restart it on each computer also.

Back to Top Bar codes are displayed as numbers on the screen or when printed.

Bar codes for products, services and clients should be displayed as the actual bar code when viewed or printed. On some computers the font SunEase 2k uses for bar codes does not get setup properly.

To fix this open Windows Explorer, change to the Windows then Fonts folder. In the list double click Code39SlimTT-Regular or C39Slim, this will display this font on the screen, click Done. You should also do the same for HandelGotDBol or HandGotB. Restart SunEase 2k and bar codes will be displayed and printed correctly.

Some Windows 95 users have had to restart their computer for this change to take effect.

Back to Top Labels to use for bar codes and mailings.

Generally bar codes for inventory and clients are formatted to print on standard Avery 5160/5260 labels (3 across, 10 down) or equivalent. Some inventory and client bar code reports may use different formats, the label format will be displayed after the report is selected.

If a product has a UPC bar code, you do not need to print labels.

Bar codes for services and packages bar codes can be printed using standard 8.5 x 11 paper.

An Inkjet or Laser Printer is recommended for the best quality. If you have special requirements for labels contact our support department.

Back to Top The sales percent graph does not display any totals just the graph
or Error Code 50 when printing or viewing reports.

This has to do with the type of printer selected as the Windows Default Printer. The Windows Default Printer must be an Inkjet, laser or similar type of printer - not receipt or text printer.

The proper printer driver must be setup under Windows for reports to be displayed correctly by SunEase even if you only want to view the report on the screen.

To check or change Windows Default Printer

  • Select Start then Settings then Printers
  • The default printer will have a check mark in the upper left corner of its icon
  • To change the default printer click the proper printer with the right mouse button
  • Select Set as Default from the pop up menu
  • Restart SunEase if you change this setting

Back to Top Assertion Error

This message has been seen when starting the program, reportedly during new day procedures when the sales history is being updated. It has also been seen after looking up a client under the Tanning and Sales window. It appears to be caused by a corrupt index file.

To fix this problem:

  • Restart the computer
  • Go to My Computer then the C: Drive then the SunEase folder
  • Double click Reset.bat
  • Start the program
  • At the Time Clock select Cancel
  • Select Utilities then Check Databases then click the Start button
  • When this process is finished, close then restart the program.

If you see this message when resetting the inventory counters:

  • Restart the computer
  • Start SunEase 2k
  • Select Utilities then Purge Data Files then Inventory
  • Click the Start button
  • When this process is finished, close then restart the program.

Back to Top Exporting Reports to HTML File

When exporting reports to the HTML file format some rows and columns may not line up correctly when viewed with your web browser.

Adjust advanced settings to 5 pixels.


Back to Top Backing Up

Backing up goes along normally then just stops with no messages prompting you what to do.

The backup is actually asking you to insert disk #2, however the -silent option is turned on so PKZIP is not showing this message. Download** the updated BACKUP.BAT file or Install the latest version of SunEase 2k.

IMPORTANT: The backup procedure included with SunEase 2k uses PKWare's PKZIP 2.5. This is a shareware file compression program widely used and available on the internet.

It is merely provided as one way to backup. It is your responsibility to make sure backups are made correctly. It is extemely recommended that you find a better method to backup such as a Zip or CD-ROM drive, especially if your backup requires more than one floppy disk.


Back to Top Computer will not accept registration code.

SunEase gives a message saying registration code has been excepted however when program is restarted, registration code remains blank and the program expiration message is still displayed.

This problem occurs on computers running Windows 2000, NT or XP Pro. To solve this problem log on to the computer with Administrator access. Then re-enter registration code into SunEase.

Back to Top Reset.bat procedure does not work.

If you've changed the Data Files folder under Preferences, copy this file to that same location then restart the computer and run reset.bat from that folder.


Back to Top Graphs don't display from networked computers.

Upgrade to version 2.0


On the local SunEase folder, delete TTL.dbf and Graph1.dbf, When you try to view the graphs the program will ask you where one of these files is. Locate the file on the network and the graphs will display correctly until the program is restarted.


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