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When the other software vendors in this industry released their Windows based products their users stopped using the old version then had to start using the Windows version. These vendors also abandoned their DOS products.

F.S.T. Company has the ability to maintain and support for both versions of our SunEase software. We have also taken unique steps to ease the process of upgrading from DOS versions of SunEase™ to SunEase 2k for Windows™

  • Nearly every feature has been migrated
  • Concept of looking up a client then selecting Tan or Sale is the same
  • Data files are the same and shared
  • Continue to run DOS version until up to speed with SunEase 2k

The important item listed above is the data files are the same and shared. By designing SunEase 2k this way - all you have to do is install SunEase 2k and all your information* will be there and ready to use. This information includes clients, employees, inventory, sales history, etc. In addition, if your current version** of SunEase is 5.22 or later, you will be able to continue using it.

By keeping the data files the same and shared helps ease the learning curve substantially especially if you have a lot of employees. For example you can run SunEase 2k to tan clients, make sales, all the things you normally do; when your employees come in they can run SunEase v5 to tan clients, make sales, etc. If your computers are networked one computer can run SunEase 2k and the other can run SunEase v5. The data files are the same and shared so all of your information is available to both programs.

SunEase 2k is a 32 bit Windows application. It has been designed using standard Window's features to provide you with a consistent and easy-to-use look and feel. This program requires you to use a mouse or other pointing device and by doing so helps you move around the program quickly.

If you need more information or have any questions contact us by email or phone.

* You will have to verify the setup is correct and you will have to reenter payment types, referrals and client status messages. Additional setup will also be needed if you have a cash drawer and/or receipt printer.

** To find out your current version, from the Main Menu select Utilities then Misc. Utilities then System Information. The last part of the serial number is the version. If your existing version is less than 5.22 you will need to upgrade to a newer version in order to run both programs, however DOS versions of SunEase does not run on most newer computers.

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