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Demo Topics

  • Introduction
  • Starting SunEase
  • Entering a client
  • Make a sale
  • Tan a client
  • View sales history
  • View client history
  • F.S.T. Company Online

    SunEase Salon Software

    A Tanning Salon Management and
    Productivity Tool

    On-Line Demo Guide

    This demo guide reviews how to do the everyday things, from starting SunEase to getting a client to tan. It covers some of the major features and explains some of the things the program is doing.

    SunEase is feature rich yet very easy to use. It is designed so you can move around the entire program using the Arrow and Enter keys.

    Continually pressing the Escape key will bring you back to the Main Menu. This works everywhere except the Sales Screen where you have to choose Void or Total.

    The following pages walk you through:

    1. Starting SunEase
    2. Entering a new client
    3. Making a sale
    4. Getting a client to tan
    5. Viewing today's transactions
    6. Viewing client history

    The next few pages assume SunEase is already installed.

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