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SunEase v5 is a DOS program and will not run on most newer computers.

SunEase™ is our long selling software designed specifically for tanning salons. It is a common sense replacement for client index cards and cash registers.

There is built in support the most reliable and affordable timers in the industry by F.S.T. to fully control your tanning beds and help reduce theft.

SunEase easily and quickly tracks Clients, Tanning, Inventory, Services, Employees and Sales. It produces powerful sales and productivity reports for any period -- with the information you need to see when you need to see it.

There is built in network (LAN) support for larger salons and a conversion utility to help you switch over from other tanning programs.

F.S.T. Company provides you with fee free -- toll free support for all of its products.

SunEase is available free for one year! This gives you the opportunity to use SunEase in your real life situation. Try it now!

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