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Tanning & Sales
Tanning Beds
Client Reports
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SunEase gives you more features for your money compared to any other tanning salon program in the industry!
* Client Features *

Eight Ways to Quickly Find Your Clients:

  • Bar Code
  • Client #
  • Last 4 Digits of Phone #
  • Customer Status
  • Browse All Clients
  • Full First and Last Name
  • Combination of letters from Last Name and/or first name
  • Waiting Line

Multiple matches use pick lists for quick selection.

Duplicate check when entering new clients.

Each client can have up to three tanning packages which can be used anytime.

Client Data Tracked:

  • Client Name and Number
  • Date and Store Entered
  • Address and Phone Numbers
  • Birth Date and Age
  • Client Status
  • Male or Female
  • Mailing List
  • Skin Type and Referral
  • Social Security #
  • Drivers License
  • Quick Memo
  • 3 Tanning Packages
  • Last Day and Time Tanned
  • Last Bed and Minutes Tanned
  • Total Times Tanned
  • Automatic Billing Data
  • Last Date, Time, Employee, Store & Terminal Packages and Address modified
Complete detailed history including all tanning sessions and all sales transactions.

Quickly print form letters.
Freeze/Un-Freeze Tanning Packages.
Merge Minutes Packages.
Unlimited comments through point-of-sales or Note Pad.
Optionally Hide Memos from clients view.
In-House Account tracks A/R or A/P balance.

Optionally require PIN's to tan.

Easily enter existing clients or automatically convert Clients from Other Tanning Programs

* Services Features *

Services can be used to track things like Nails, Hair or Massage.

Up to 40 character description for each Service--No tricky codes required!
Services are easily selected from pick lists.
Tracks Commission Amount & quantity sold.

* Tanning Package Features *

Up to 40 character description for each Package--No complicated codes required!
Packages are easily selected from pick lists.

Easily handles minutes or single sessions, weekly, monthly and yearly tanning packages.
Handles membership or various other upgrade charges.

Detailed History for each package.
Tracks Commission Amount & quantity sold.
Restrict Tanning by Day of Week or Time of Day.
Restrict which beds to use package with.
Coupon Reminder.
Sales Dates.

Easy Finance setup for any Package.

* Employee Features *

Five Access Levels including; No Access, User, Manager and Owner.
Complete Security and Password Protection.

Employee Data Tracked:

  • Name and Initials
  • Address and Phone Numbers
  • Social Security #
  • Date and Stored Entered
  • Start and End Dates
  • Memo
  • Houly Pay Rate and Commission Rates

Time Clock to track employee hours
Supports two commission methods.
Detailed and Summary Payroll Reports.
Detailed History including; all sales, tanning sessions, deleted transactions & time clock entries.

* Inventory Features *

No tricky ID numbers or catagories to memorize, products are easily selected from pick lists.

Product Data Tracked:

  • 40 Character Description
  • Product Size
  • Reporting Catagory
  • Salon Cost and Retail Price
  • Quantity In-Stock
  • Replacement Prices
  • Commission Rate
  • Re-Order Level
  • Quantity Sold
  • Supplier

Detailed History for each product.

Visual and Audio Alert when products need to be re-ordered.

* Tanning & Point-of-Sales Features *

Unique Tanning Bed Monitor displays who's in which bed and how much time they have left.

Full control over tanning beds using FST Timers.

Quickly select tanning bed from pick lists
Automatically calculates extra tanning charges.
Restrict Tanning to Once-per-day and/or use stricter 24 hour checking.
Optionally require PIN's to tan.

Automatic daily updates to History Files.
Enter sales directly by quickly selecting packages, products and services from pick lists.
Finance Packages.
Prepayments and In-House Charges.
Audio and Visual Product Re-Order alert.
Calculates sales, package or service taxes.
Supports Canadian PST and GST (Goods & Services Tax)
Discount by straight amount or percent.
Automatically deducts products from inventory and updates client tanning service data.
Split Tender & Change Due features.

Painlessly Tracks the following sales information:

  • Packages
  • Misc. Packages
  • Membership Charges
  • Extra Bed Charges
  • Services
  • Misc. Services
  • Products
  • Misc. Products
  • No Shows
  • Discounts
  • Account Payments
  • Account Pre-Payments
  • Account Credits
  • Sales Tax
  • Service Tax
  • Opening Balance
  • Weather Conditions
  • Void Sales
  • Void Tans
  • Employee Hours
  • New Clients
  • Tanning Sessions
Also tracks receipt #, date, time, employee, workstation and store for each transaction.

* Tanning Bed Features *

Use standard or custom names to identify up to 64 units.

Tanning Bed data tracked:

  • Undress Time
  • Maximum Tanning Time
  • Default Tanning Time
  • Extra Bed Charges
  • Timer Setup
  • Total, Today and Yesterday's Hours
  • Lamp Hours and Last Changed Date
  • Bed Type
  • Use restrictions

Automatically programs FST Timers.
Retrieves all readings from FST Timers.

Bed Activity Reports.

* Client Productivity Reports *

Count or Print Lists, Labels or Form Letters using a Powerful Custom Query option or several built-in options.

Built-In reporting options include:

  • Zip Code (full or partial)
  • Times Tanned
  • Last Day In
  • Birthday Month
  • Referral
  • Entry Date
  • Accounts Receivable
Client Statistics gives you an up-to-date display giving you a breakdown of your clients by; Males & Females, Birthdays, Average Age, Tanning Frequency, and more.

* Sales & Productivity Reports *

Sales History
Sales Summary
Tanners Report
Monthly Sales Reports
Quarterly Sales Report
Accounts Receivable
Freeze Overdue Accounts
Accounts Payable
In-House Financing
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) via ACH, ATA/Telecheck, AAC, or CheckFree.
Quantity Sold Reports for Packages, Services and Inventory.
Inventory Retail List, Master List, Reorder and Quantity Sold Reports.
Tanning Packages Customer, Bar Code, and In-House Price Lists and Quantity Sold Report
Services Price and Bar Code Listings and Quantity Sold Reports.

Most reports can be run for any two dates, employee, store, or workstation.

Print Preview any report.


* More Features *

Year 2000 Compliant

SunEase maintains a consistent and easy to use look and feel.

Current User, ID, Access Level and Terminal easily displayed.
Supports different printer for Receipt and Report Printers.
Yearly Archive feature to keep data files trim and efficient.
Daily Backup using standard PKZIP compression.

Network (LAN) Support built in.

Multi-Salon Support built in (requires Host Program to manage data).

Conversion Program to easily switch from other software.

Compatible with SunEase 2000

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