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The Tanning Bed Monitor supersedes the Network Bed Server shipped with earlier versions of SunEase v5.

The Tanning Bed Monitor is included with SunEase 2k.

Complete help is available by pressing the Help button when the program is running!



The Tanning Bed Monitor is used to manage tanners, tanning equipment and remote timers.

It is included with SunEase 2k. It can also be used when running SunEase v5 on a local area network (LAN).

There are three versions of the Tanning Bed Monitor each optionally supporting a different remote timer. Remote timers currently supported include tmax/intellitan, database/tan time and of course our FST Timers.

The Tanning Bed Monitor displays each tanning unit, current tanner, time remaining, and status. Periodically the display is refreshed and the information is then made available to SunEase, locally and to any network workstation.

Monitor displayed as a list

Status conditions are displayed using VCR style icons:

Paused* **
Undress Time*
Needs Cleaning*

When a FST Timer or OEM timer is setup the status and time remaining is read directly from the remote timer otherwise the status and time remaining is estimated.

The Tanning Bed Monitor is highly configurable. By clicking the Options button you have access all of its features.

    • Clean Bed*
    • Turn Bed Off*
    • Start Session*
    • Refresh/Reload Beds
    • Icon or List View
    • Change Refresh Rate - 10 to 60 seconds
    • Show Seconds
    • Advanced FST Timer Readings* including:
      • Elapsed Time
      • Number of Sessions
      • Lamp Time
    • Animation Control
    • Color Settings

* These features require a FST Timer or other supported timer
** This feature is only available with FST 1000 Timers


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