Light has long been known to provide healthful benefits and most life forms are dependent on receiving light at certain wave lengths for their well being.  For all of history, until present day, light has been provided through nature at specific wave lengths to which our bodies positively respond! 

 Today, through research followed by scientific development of the LED (light emitting diodes), our state of the art SR-4400 skin rejuvenation system was developed to deliver the healing properties of controlled light.  Our SR-4400 system effectively delivers phototherapy solutions to improve a number of skin conditions by stimulating its rejuvenation and for other healing therapies.  The treatment produces very similar results in our bodies to that of the photosynthesis process in plants, whereby sunlight delivers the essential light energy that stimulates cellular growth in all plant life.

 In similar fashion the SR-4400 system delivers its light energy at specific pulsed wave lengths to provide a proven safe, effective, painless alternative treatment for all skin types, instead of more expensive chemical, laser, or surgical procedures that can present health risks in their delivery.  Light emission from LED’s is completely painless, without undue heating of surface or sub-cutaneous tissue and is a non-invasive means of effectively reversing the appearance of aging skin, including wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, crow’s feet and certain other conditions.  Further, following treatment, no burning results or is residual redness present, nor is special care indicated for the areas that were treated.  The SR-4400 skin rejuvenation system makes use of light technology now proven through extensive research and development to safely and effectively stimulate the cellular system of the body to support and facilitate healing or repairing itself. 

 During many years of rigorous research through NASA, scientifically developed applications of LED light energy was delivered at selected wave lengths, first to plants to enhance growth and then to humans during space flight to combat muscle atrophy and other adverse conditions that developed.  It was demonstrated as completely safe and has produced positive and very promising results for both.  In ongoing research at the University of Wisconsin Medical Center, LED light energy has proven to be a safe and effective means for tissue repair and for much improved rates of healing and even prevention from damage from life threatening problem areas arising from radiation and chemotherapy treatment.  Ongoing application of LED sourced light energy is delivering beneficial results in many other medical areas.  With other applications unfolding controlled light technology holds great promise for non-invasive medical treatment and for the body to be actively involved in the healing process from light energy stimulation. 

 By delivery of selected wave length light to damaged skin, it has been clearly established that this light energy beneficially encourages collagen production by the host body being treated, in other words, “renewal from within”. 

 A simple explanation of these phenomena is; that the focused application of LED light at selected wave lengths to the skin surface penetrates to varying depths and in turn that energy stimulates the mitochondria, or energy element(s) within the cell, and in time brings about self repair to those cells.  In other words it stimulates the body to heal itself! 

Therein lays the miracle of the SR-4400 system; by delivering light energy at controlled wave lengths to which the body is receptive it brings about renewal and restoration of skin health from within by stimulating the bodies positive response from the LED light.

 The following chart illustrates examples of LED light colors, their wave length emitted and respective depth of penetration in the human body.  It also gives examples of healing applications that the energy delivered at those varying wave lengths will address.                                                                                                                                                          

 Blue light                                                    Red light                                                     Infrared
   430 nm
                                                       660 nm                                                      940 nm                                                                           

Acne Treatment                                   Skin Rejuvenation                                            Pain Relief  
                                                           Skin surface penetration

 1 mm (approx.)                                               1 cm                                                          2.5 cm  

The SR-4400 skin rejuvenation system is state of the art technology that has been developed to deliver safe treatment, repair and renewal of damaged skin without pain, discomfort or loss of time for recovery following treatment.  This modern, well researched technology that delivers light in wave lengths proven to stimulate many forms of healing will become the standard treatment methodology for most forms of skin renewal treatment within the decade.

 Today, the spa and salon industry is becoming aware of this powerful tool and are considering the opportunity to deliver this service for which there is great demand existing, thus adding a new source of profit in their operations.  Now is the time for you to include this equipment in your facility to deliver its many healing benefits to your clientele where both you and your client will benefit in that exchange.