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FST 600 F.S.T. Company has been involved with the indoor tanning industry for over 15 years! We understand the importance of equipment reliability, and the effects of downtime in the tanning industry.

With this in mind we have designed a series of reliable, user friendly and easy to install timers available to the indoor tanning industry!

FST Timers are available in 1, 6, 8, 12 or 16 station models. They can be controlled manually or with a computer.

The FST Timer, normally setup near your front desk, is connected to the included FST Wall Switches, which are installed in each tanning room, using standard modular telephone cords.

Many of the components are standard and available off-the-shelf and commonly used in the computer industry. For example, the keyboard style push buttons are standard along with the UL Listed personal computer power supply. This power supply is 120/220 VAC selectable, so our Timer can be used almost anywhere in the world.

FST Timers are accurate to one second every 24 hours. The real time clock and nonvolatile RAM (random access memory) retain the setup and statistics for up to 10 years, even when the system is unplugged.

FST Timers have a one year parts and labor warranty. There is also a competitive upgrade and maintenance policy. F.S.T. Company provides fee free and toll free support for all of our products.


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