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Manual or Computer Control

FST Timers are easily controlled manually using the keyboard style Set (top), Up (middle) and Down (bottom) buttons at the front of the Timer.

FST Timers can also be automatically controlled using our SunEase Software or one of the other software programs available for indoor tanning salons.

Low Voltage Design

FST Timers utilize a low voltage design which allow you to setup the system using standard phone cords to connect the Timer to the FST Wall Switches in each tanning room.

Durable Construction

FST Timers have a heavy duty steal case and are powder coated to help make them scratch resistant. The Timers are easily cleaned by spraying window cleaner on a rag then wiping the timer off.

Elapsed Time

This feature is one of several continuously running meters. Elapsed Time tracks the total time for each station -- down to the minute. An additional meter separately tracks just the time that is set by a computer.

Session Counter

The Session Counter tracks the number of sessions completed for each station. For example when you tan 4 people for 15 minutes each, the FST Timer will count this as 4 sessions. This feature helps show how the Elapsed Time meter breaks down. It also helps prevent employee theft. An additional counter tracks just the sessions set by a computer.

Lamp Time

Lamp Time is similar to Elapsed Time, they both track the exact time for each station. However, the Lamp Time can be reset to zero each time you change the tanning beds lamps. The Lamp Time helps you determine when to replace the lamps.

Undress Time

The Undress Time, also called auto-start, feature is especially useful during your busy season. It prevents your clients from taking too long to start their tanning session. Normally you will set the minutes to tan on the FST Timer then when the tanner is ready they will push the button on the FST Wall Switch (installed near the tanning bed) to start their tanning session.

FST Timers are shipped with a 5 minute undress time. This means if the tanner does not press the button on the FST Wall Switch within 5 minutes the FST Timer will start counting down automatically. When they take too long to get ready they lose time. When a tanner is ready to tan sooner than 5 minutes they simply press the button on the FST Wall Switch to start their tanning session.

The Undress Time can be set to zero to gives your tanners as much time as they need to get ready or between 1 and 9 minutes to help them get ready to tan quicker.

Maximum Exposure Time

The Maximum Exposure Time feature is used to set the maximum tanning time allowed for each tanning unit. This feature helps prevent employees from giving away extra minutes and also helps prevent clients from tanning more than the maximum exposure time recommended by the beds manufacturer. FST Timers ship with the Maximum Exposure Time set to 30 minutes for each station.

Preset Time

The Preset Time feature is used to set the default tanning time for each bed. For example the maximum exposure time is 30 minutes but most people only tan 20 minutes. When you press the Set button on the FST Timer the Preset Time will appear. This feature helps save you time during busy periods. FST Timers ship with the Preset Time set to 20 minutes for each station. The Up and Down buttons can always be pressed to increase or decrease the session time.

Tanning Bed Status

The current status for each bed is quickly determined by simply looking at the FST Timer. There are two large LED displays for each station.

  • Two solid dashes indicate the bed is clean and ready for the next session
  • The minutes you set means the the undress time is counting down
  • The minutes you set blinking indicates the undress time is about to end and the session is about to start
  • Time remaining and a blinking dot means the session time is counting down
  • Two blinking dashes indicate the session has ended and the bed needs to be cleaned. Simply press the button on the FST Wall Switch after you clean the bed to reset the station to the ready condition (two solid dashes). This feature can be turned off.

Front Panel Control

When your FST Timer is being controlled by a computer program its buttons on the front of the Timer can be turned off. This feature helps prevent employees from giving away tanning sessions.

Emergency Shutoff

The Emergency Shutoff feature is always available to cancel a tanning session, even when the Front Panel is disabled.

Simply press the Set button in for about 3 seconds to cancel a session.

Lockout Key Switch

FST Timer setup and statistics features are accessed by inserting a key into a lock located at the front of the Timer. This security feature prevents employees from changing any of the Timers settings or viewing the counter and meter readings.


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