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  Most Models
  Standard Setup for all FST Timer Models
  From Klafsun:

"All Klafsun have the same hook up for remote timers. There is a black five pole plug in the back of most units or on the side of the stand on the Klafsun Saturn and Cosmos. A jumper wire is in place in L1 and L2, the jumper is removed and...the leads are connected to the yellow terminals on the FST Wall Switch."

  To bypass internal timer:
  • Locate plug four then remove the wires on pin 2 (Brown) and pin 3 (Brown).
  • Twist the wires together and attach a wire nut.
  • Remove then jumper wire crossing pin 1 (Black) and pin 2 (Brown) from timer junction on plug three.
  • Connect pin 1 (Black) and pin 3 (Brown) from plug three to the two Yellow Terminals on the FST Wall Switch.

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