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  Standard Setup for all FST Timer Models
  • Disconnect Power Cord
  • Mount the FST Wall Switch to the rear of the bed
  • Remove the White wires at terminals 3 and 4
  • Connect White wires to two Yellow Terminals on FST Wall Switch

Alternate Method


This following method allows you to use Solana's start button instead of the button on the FST Wall Switch. The FST Wall Switch is installed but tanners will not have to use it to start the bed.

  • Follow the steps above.
  • Add a 12 Volt DC Relay to terminals 5 and 6
  • Connect C (common) and NO (normally open) on the relay to the Black and White terminals.
  • Connect Red from the FST Timer to terminal 3
  • Connect terminal 4 to the Red terminal on FST Wall Switch

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