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  Suntana Passport
  • Connect pin 1 (black) and pin 4 (red) from the remote timer cable to the two Yellow Terminals on the FST Wall Switch.
  Most models with Intellitan timers
FST Timers - RJ11 Model
  • Replace the FST Wall Switch with the OTM Interface Switch.
  • Connect a modular phone cord from the FST Timer to the OTM Interface Switch (connector is labeled F)
  • Connect a modular phone cord from the OTM Interface Switch (connector is labeled B) to the tanning bed
FST Timers - 3 and 4 Wire Models
  • Connect the FST Wall Switch to the FST Timer normally
  • Get a 2 inch piece of #24 wire (telephone wire) to use as a jumper wire.
  • Strip 1/2 inch off of each end of the jumper wire.
  • Locate the 5600 Ohms resistor on the tanning beds built-in timer's printed circuit board (PCB)
  • Wrap each end of the jumper wire around each side of the 5600 Ohms resistor.
  • Purchase a 6 foot modular phone cord, clip one end off.
  • Strip 1/2 inch off of the black and yellow wires. The green and red wires are not used.
  • Connect the black wire to the black terminal on the FST Wall Switch
  • Remove the wire from the red terminal on the FST Wall Switch then connect it to the yellow wire on the phone cord
  • On the tanning beds timer, change parameter P5 to 1 and change parameter P26 to 1
  • If this does not work reverse the yellow and black wires on the 6 foot modular phone cord
Figure 1

Timer PC Board

Figure 2

Close up of 5600 Ohms resistor with jumper.
The location is labeled R12, the bands are
colored Green, Blue and Red.

The PC Board in your tanning
unit may be different
however the Resistor
location should still be labeled R12

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