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FST Timer Installation Overview  

There are two major parts to FST Timer systems. The first is the 1, 6, 8, 12 or 16 station timer, usually setup near the front desk. The second part is the FST Wall Switches that are installed in each tanning room.
The Timer is connected to each Wall Switch using standard modular phone cords.

1) To install your FST Timer system, simply plug one end of the telephone cord into the back of the FST Timer then plug the other end into the FST Wall Switch in the tanning room.

2) Next connect the tanning units remote timer hookup to the yellow terminals on the FST Wall Switch


Note:  If your salon is already wired and there is three conductor wire running to each room you can special order your FST Multi-Station Timers with the 3 Wire option so you won't have to do any rewiring.

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