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FST Multi-Station Timers are the perfect choice for professional indoor tanning salons of any size.

6, 8, 12 and 16 station models are available. Each Timer includes the FST Wall Switches for each tanning room.

FST 6 Station Timer
9 5/8" Wide, 4 5/8" High, 7 5/8" Deep

FST Multi-Station Timers are easy to install using standard phone cords. They are fully programmable and have the setup and statistical features tanning salons around the world rely on.

FST 12 Station Timer
12 Bed Timer

18 3/4" Wide ,
4 5/8" High,
7 5/8 " Deep

FST Timers are easily controlled manually using the keyboard style Set (top), Up (middle) and Down (bottom) buttons at the front of the Timer.

The current status for every bed can be quickly determined by simply looking at the FST Timer. There are two large LED displays for each station. Other timers may only allow you to view eight beds.

FST Timers can be automatically controlled using our SunEase Software or one of the other software programs available for indoor tanning salons. When two or more FST Multi-Station Timers are being used a daisy chain cable is available to connect the Timers to your computer.


Measurements for Timers not displayed:

FST 800 12 3/4" Wide, 4 5/8" High, 7 5/8" Deep
FST 1600 24 5/8" Wide, 4 5/8" High, 7 5/8" Deep


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