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Out of space at your front desk?

Install our FST Single Station Timers in your tanning rooms and control them using SunEase 2000.

FST 1000 Desktop Model
7" Wide, 2 3/8" High, 6 1/8" Deep

FST Single Station Timers are ideal for any business with a few tanning beds.

Four models are available; desktop (left), wall mounted (below), an OEM model for equipment manufacturers, and a token model. They include a FST Wall Switch and an AC Adapter.


These Timers are easy to install, are fully programmable and have the same setup and statistical features as our larger timers.

FST Single Station Timers can be controlled manually or if you have a computer system order your FST 1000 computer ready.

When used with a computer -- the first FST 1000 Timer is connected to the computers serial port using a standard Null Modem cable. Additional Timers are daisy chained using standard telephone cords.

FST 1000 Wall Mounted Model Fits in a triple gang electrical box

If you are using a computer program with features to display the status of each room, like our SunEase software, the FST 1000 Timers can be located in each room rather than at the front desk. Eliminating the need for a manager at the front desk helps you keep the area available to display your lotions or other retail products.
FST 1000 Timers are available with an optional Fan Delay feature which allows a tanning units cooling fans to run up to 5 minutes after each tanning session.

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