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The FST Serial Protocol is available FREE of charge to any software developer that wishes to incorporate FST Timer support with their programs.

Following is a list of software programs known to support FST Single and FST Multi-Station Timers.

Company Software
Atlantis Computers Easy Tan Manager
Cascade Computers SunMate
Crown Software Computan
Visual Point EZ Tan
F.S.T. Company SunEase v5 and SunEase 2000
DAW Software Gold
H.T.N. H.T.N.
Select Software Tass
Southwind Software Tanning Salon Management System
Sun Software Sun Tan Plus
Interactive Designs, Inc. Sun Touch
Tan Line Tan Line
Ultra Tan Ultra Tan

* There are several other programs currently being developed. Once they are tested they will be added here.

* Many programs have come and gone or have been renamed over the years so not all of these programs may be available. If you have updates to this list contact us with the details.


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