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Support Documents
  Compatible Software
  DIP Switch Settings Start Circuit IC Usage
  Features Tanning Equipment Hookup Reference
  Front Panel Overview Users Guide (2.2 MB pdf)
  FST Serial Protocol Wall Switch Specifications
  How To Guide Wiring Overview
  How To Connect a FST 3 or 4 Wire Timer to a Wall Switch with a Phone Jack  

Support Topics
  8's flash across the LED display Timer Beeps when Turned On
  Station will not reset to Clean Button stuck
  65 displayed on station 1 when the Timer is turned on  
  Bed does not run even though Timer is counting down.  

If you are experiencing a problem not listed here or need more help,
contact us via email or phone. If you contact us please know the FST Timer Model (1000, 600, 800, 1200, 1600) and the Timers serial number.


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