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Single Station
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VTT 600 Setup Guide


Attention Entrepreneurs

Own a Tanning Salon Without The Headaches...

No More High Retail Rates!!!
No More Outrageous Utility Bills!!!
No More Unreliable Employees!!!
No More Long Stressful Days!!!

The Perfect Combination

Vending Tanning Timer plus your Tanning Bed

Set Up 1 to 6 Station Salons All Over Town
Collect Your Money Once A Week!!!
What Could Be Easier???

Possible Locations
Apartment Communities - Health and Fitness Clubs
Adult Night Clubs - College Dorms
YMCA's - Hotels

The VTT System: Each tanning bed is controlled by a unique patented vending timer system. The vending timer can only be activated via specially encoded magnetic cards. The process is very simple:
  1. Swipe Card Through Vending Timer
  2. Insert Money Directly Into Vending Timer
  3. Set Desired Tanning Time
  4. Press Start Button

Significance Of Magnetic Cards: Each customer receives their own personal tanning card. The tanning card can only be used once every 24 hours. The VTT Timer System's onboard computer reads the card when swiped and prohibits additional usage for a complete 24 hour cycle.

Location Split: Depends on what you negotiate.

  • Example A: Apartment Communities: Zero split. Apartment community will make money by selling the tanning cards for $10 each. They reimburse you $2 for every card sold. You also give them two free tans per day for the leasing staff. This equals $180 monthly in free tanning. Remember, they pay tens of thousands for resident amenities like weight equipment, tennis courts, racquetball, swimming pools, etc. You are providing them a great marketing amenity at zero cost to them. The residents pay $3.00 for each tanning session.

  • Example B: Fitness Facility: 75% to you - 25% to club. Club makes money by selling the cards for $10 each. They reimburse you $2 for every card sold. You can also sell lotions to clubs for salon cost plus %25. Club will markup to normal salon retail. Fee for each tanning session is $4.00.

VTT 1000 - Single Station
Vending Tanning Timer

Operates a single tanning unit. Best suited for apartment communities, hotels and dorms with less than 500 units.


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