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It is strongly recommended that you purchase the phone cords pre-made instead of making your own.

Pre-made phone cords are the easiest to use (just plug them in) and are available at most hardware stores in varying lengths or from F.S.T. in 25', 50' and 100'

Wiring Overview

FST Timers are connected to each FST Wall Switch using standard modular phone cords. The same ones used by telephones! They are available at a wide variety of stores.

Standard modular phone cords have four conductors and are reverse wired (also called twisted pair) and have a RJ11 connector on each end.

There are two styles of
telephone cables, straight
wiring and reverse wiring.

Reverse wiring is the most
common so it is the style
required for connecting the
Timer to the Wall Switch and when daily chaining FST 1000 Timers for computer control..


Note:  If your salon is already wired and there is three conductor wire running to each room you can special order your FST Multi-Station Timers with the 3 Wire option so you won't have to do any rewiring.

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